Patterns of Istanbul

The city of Istanbul is a mecca of great Ottoman and Byzantine art and architecture. Not surprising, as Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and during its long history has seen the rise and fall of the world’s most famous empires. In modern day Istanbul, the city is a rich blend of its past. It is a treasure trove of artistic achievements from the smallest everyday items like ceramics and lanterns to architectural feats such as their elegant mosques.


During my trip to Istanbul, I was especially fascinated by even finer details – the patterns. Adorning every handle, painted on walls and even down to the arrangement of baklava desserts, I saw a harmony of colours and shapes. Perhaps inspired by the beautiful golden light that the country enjoys, the hues are warm and the patterns have a sense of continuity. Alongside cultural monuments, I believe it is these fine details that adds depth to the story and offers the world a window into their colourful past.

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