Ancestry DNA Testing

Role: Design, Illustrations, UI Design, High-fidelity prototyping in Sketch & Invision, UX testing interview observer & note-taker


Overview: Find my past is a company that helps you discover your family ancestry through record search. Forging a new partnership with Living DNA enabled them to offer their customers a DNA testing service to help add an extra dimension to their family history search. A MVP (minimum viable product) site was required to introduce their new product offering.


Challenges: Through one-on-one user testing interviews conducted, we identified that customers new to the subject of DNA testing were unsure of the process, what results they will gain from taking a test and how this will add value to their family history record search. We also discovered that DNA testing is a scientific subject that new users found challenging to digest, with many expressing data privacy concerns as a barrier to entry.

Approach: A competitor analysis was done and prototypes with varying design and content were tested for customer feedback through one-on-one user-testing interviews. We launched a clean and friendly, single page layout site that visualised through illustrations what customers can expect from taking a DNA test, the step-by-steps on how they can take a test, and what else they will be able to achieve with the results. A big section had also been allocated to addressing data privacy concerns and further queries. As part of an overall effort to bring a more approachable and humanistic feel to the brand, a library of illustrations were designed to help bring the content come to life, adding warmth and personality to what can seem like a clinical product.  


Results: All users tested found the site clean and friendly. The first live iteration of the product, data for the first month post-launch displayed initial encouraging results. Average time customers spent on the page was double the average across the entire parent site. 

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