Exploring Santorini

Getting lost in a village in Santorini, Greece, is probably one of the best ways to explore the town. Perched high amongst the rocks next to the sea, their iconic whitewashed architecture with vibrant splashes of navy blue and other summer colours are a sight to behold. It’s interesting to note that the island is the site of one of the largest volcanic eruptions in recorded history and it is this unique location on the rim of a volcanic crater that sets the backdrop for this stunning town.


There are many settlements on the island and the traditional architecture in Santorini is similar to the others found in Cyclades. The unique “white and blue” are a modern take on this. Dug sideways and downwards into the rock, their houses are low-lying and cubical in shape. The walls are made of local stone and whitewashed with a variety of volcanic ashes used as colours. Blue and white is everywhere. The soft, rounded curves are wholesome and soothing for the eye, and the bits of blue found on domed roofs and doors create an artistic, modern accent.


Beautiful Santorini city, Oia

The white city, with all its gorgeous curves, gradually cascades downhill to the seashore. When viewed from afar, the settlements appear like white and blue honeycomb hugging the natural curves of the landscape. Up… down… left… up… Walking along the white houses often felt surreal, as gates and stairways appear to open to an expanse of sea or sky. Narrow lanes weave around villas in a maze and are highlighted with bright clay pottery, flora and organic sculptures. Every turn opens to a unique, stunning view of the landscape.


Beautiful Santorini is one of the most photographed islands on the planet. And having been lost in one, it is easy to imagine why this island is such a mecca for creative people, photographers, designers and artists alike!

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